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Hey everyone! After a rather long pause, we are finally back! In the light of recent changes in our daily lives, thanks to a vile spiked sphere, let’s talk about the effect of COVID on our lives.
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COVID has divided our lives into before and after. Forced into isolation, society has changed its behavioural patterns. Some things like online shopping, online cinemas have long ago become part of our then normality. Whereas online education and remote working have only begun to enter our daily routine and stopped being something unusual. Up till the moment, the vile spiked green sphere called COVID-19 entered our lives.

And the post-COVID reality is such, that office workers no longer wish to go back to their offices, preferring to continue with the remote work. It’s hard to disagree, that remote working has more pros than cons.

Yet when the pandemic started and working remotely became a reality, not many people were ready to adopt those changes.

At first glance, remote working doesn’t seem to be something challenging or drastically different from a normal office job. You get up, have your morning cup of coffee and instead of leaving the house and going to work you just relocate to another room and start working normally.

Turned out, those who didn’t consider remote work as work were wrong. For it is somewhat more difficult and challenging in terms of self-organization, requires a lot of self-discipline and responsibility. Now you are responsible for managing your time, your workload, your deadlines. There’s nobody behind your back with constant reminders and supervision.

So, what many people were faced with was the inability to sit and start working. Mentally they were still at home, a place of rest from a hard work’s day. Whereas in reality, it was their new workplace.

So how do you survive remote work? How not to let it drown you? How to keep a healthy balance? And what to do, if you want to start working remotely, but do not know where to start?

Stay tuned for future posts!:)

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