How we work

How we work: Our work is our passion. We greatly enjoy what we do and with equal excitement we work on our own projects and our clients’. There are no limits to our capabilities and we believe that great ideas should become a reality. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Culture and freedom

We are a 100% remotely based company. Different cultures and time zones taught us the value of time. We deliberately decided not to have fixed working hours and avoid having too many team meetings. Instead we set deadlines and have a bi-weekly status update. It enables us to concentrate on our projects and achieve goals quicker. So if you decide to choose us for your project, be assured that the time and resources will be used most efficiently.

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result driven team

Whatever you need, we can do it. Your projects are just as important to us as our own and we always deliver the best results possible. 

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remote work

Having a remote team means our work process continues regardless of what’s going on in the world. 

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ready to take up the challenge

Every single of our team is a professional of highest calibre, with many years of expertise and experience.

People support each other

not colleagues but a family

We are not just colleagues, but a small family of like minded people. The success of our projects depends on the contribution of all the team members, so we are always fully supportive of each other.

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Community & Partnerships Manager

2 years ago
London based, Remote

This role requires good written communication skills, attention to detail, and a crypto background. This is a full-time position: CET time zone. If you are from London you can work from our office P.s. we do not provide UK visa support. Responsibilities: Community management develop structured community plan across major platforms (primarily focusing on Discord…