About us

About us

Our team and our time are our most important assets. We’ve researched and used best practices of remote work called Remote-first. We combine remote workers with office-based workers without prejudicing the workflow.

Our business processes are created in a way to maintain constant and successful communication without losing context. Regardless of whether we are in the same space or in different parts of the world, we are always on the same wavelength. We prefer simple, asynchronous communication and have long stopped abusing conference calls. This allowed us to free time for actual work and important tasks.

We are experts at assembling distributed teams of software developers and remain flexible even in the times of hardship. COVID-19 proved once more that our strategy was the right one and we didn’t notice any significant changes in work processes even during the most severe lockdown measures.

Our mission

We are a young team, being in the FinTech market since 2018. Yet each member of our team has more than 10 years of extensive expertise. Our mission is to free our users from the limits of a traditional financial system. The technological solutions we offer help clients gain control over financial processes and make them transparent.

Meet the team

Over the years our expertise has grown extensively. And we leverage it to turn big ideas into reality.

Tencoins Ltd Malta, Marsel Gizzatov

Marsel Gizzatov

Director at Tencoins Ltd Malta

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CTO at Tencoins, Evgeniy Grechenok

Evgeniy Grechenok


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Senior Operations Manager at Tencoins UK, Oksana Vasileva

Oksana Vasileva

Senior Operations Manager at Tencoins UK

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Back in 2018 Malta with its favourable financial regulations seemed the most favourable place for our company. That's why Tencoins Ltd opened its first office on this beautiful, sunny island. We started as a traditional software development company with office-based employees.
This year we realised that working remotely is far more beneficial for our company and our business. We move from working in an office to working remotely and at the same time make plans for further development and growth.
2019 is also the year when we opened our second office in London, the capital of fintech. The possibilities for growth and networking are unlimited in the UK, so it seemed like a logical next step.
COVID outbreak proved our remote-first theory very successful and there was no interruption in our work processes. This year enabled us to work on past mistakes and set a framework for further expansion into the Asian fintech market.
So far it's been a breakthrough year. Our team is growing and this year we are finally releasing our product - an intelligent e-wallet with many more awesome features!

Our technological stack

Have a look at our skills to learn more about us or contact us for a consultation on choosing a programming language that’s right for you:

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