Higher salary or more time off

Today let’s talk about visas for freelancers and digital nomads, there’s been some interesting development in the immigration rules of so many enchanting countries.
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What’s more important to you – a higher salary or more time off? 

Whatever do we mean, right? 

When you look for a job or sign a contract, how important are paid holidays and days off to you? Do you work according to the calendar of the country where the headquarters are or according to the country you’re based in? 

Since our small team is international, we don’t have a fixed rule. Depending on the department and who our colleagues work closely with, they opt either for the calendar of their country or for the calendar of the headquarters. 

For example, all our developers are based in Russia and since they work with each other, they go on holidays all at the same time. Whereas our SMM & PA girls are working closely with the headquarters, hence their days off coincide with public holidays in the UK. 

Can you guess the ideal country in terms of the number of public holidays? It’s Cambodia, with 28 days off. Imagine working for a company there, you’ll have a month off on top of the annual paid leave! 

On the other side of the globe countries are not so generous. In general, the majority of European countries have around 12-15 public holidays. The UK, namely England, is the stingiest country in this respect, with only 8 public holidays per year. 

But things are not so bad if you also have annual paid leave. Unless, of course, you’re based in the US or work for a US company and according to their calendar. Do you want to know why? 

Because the US doesn’t have mandated paid annual leave, state holidays and sick leave. Meaning that the company is not obliged by the government to let its employees have a vacation and pay for it! Nobody does that, of course and employees are allowed to have days off and keep their salary. But it’s totally at the discretion of the company. 

Fun fact from Tencoins – all our developers are based in Russia and all of them are guys. And all the girls are working according to the UK calendar. In Russia 8th of March (the International Women’s Day) is a public holiday, whereas in the UK it’s not. So our lovely girls work, when our lovely boys are having a day off. 

At least they raise a glass for us, girls:) 

Are public holidays and paid leave important to you? 

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