Degree or no Degree. That is The Question.

How many of us after school went on to universities to get degrees that we weren’t really sure we needed and/or wanted? Was this decision to do a particular degree a rational one when you’re 16–18? After all, what do ex-school boys and girls know about life?
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Twenty or thirty years ago a degree was something that seemed a ticket to another life. Our grandmas and even parents telling us that without a degree there’s a zero chance of having a decent, well-paid job. So we listened and then obediently went on to study a degree for the sake of having a degree, not because it was really our passion.

And so what do we see now? After spending three to four years diligently studying (partying hard, in reality, of course) young some graduates already have some understanding of what they want to do in their life. And sometimes the reality is such that their degrees have nothing to do with their aspirations in life. Statistics shows that only 27% of college/university graduates work in a field that relates to their degree.

So the average career path is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. Now it’s a normal practice to meet Head of Liabilities with a degree in Music or a Sales professional with a degree in Philosophy. What does it show us? That first of all, it’s never too late to start something that you’re interested in. And second that degrees do not define our careers.

On the contrary, the current trend is such that it’s very easy to change careers whenever you feel like it. With a set of universal skills and a but of extra studying you can convert from an account manager to a coach, from a psychologist to a seamstress. Or just move to IT where there are so many great opportunities.

So is it really necessary to get a degree to have a mind-blowing, successful career? Nope. Can you change your career path even if you don’t have relevant education? Yes. online education platforms and leading universities now offers so many free courses online that switching to a different field is easy.

Our favourite platforms? CourseraOpen University & Udemy. Check them out!

In the end developing skills in a field you are passionate about today makes more sense.

By the way, we are an international IT company that’s always on the hunt for new talents. Degree or no degree, but if you have skills, passion and willing to work hard — check out our website for new job openings!

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