We stand with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine 💙💛 Not because it is a WAR, but also because we have a few Tencoins team members in Ukraine trying to escape the bombs falling into their houses right now. We pray for them every day

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Blockchain trends in 2021

We’ve been exploring Solidity. Have you heard of it? If not, we’re here to help. Solidity is a smart contract programming language, and it helps implement smart contracts on blockchains.

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What are the best cities for startups?

Hello everyone! For the past three weeks we’ve been writing about blockchain technologies, smart contracts, the differences between front-end and back-end developers. You want to know why? Because we’re working on something awesome, related to all of the aforementioned.

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Why DeFi?

Tencoins Lts is a relatively young startup, founded in 2018 in Malta. Soon it became obvious that office work is not for our team. Developers need freedom to plan their work their way. That’s why Agile was one of the key instruments that enabled a smooth transition from office-based work to remote.

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Degree or no Degree. That is The Question.

How many of us after school went on to universities to get degrees that we weren’t really sure we needed and/or wanted? Was this decision to do a particular degree a rational one when you’re 16–18? After all, what do ex-school boys and girls know about life?

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