At Tencoins we follow the 10-C rule

We are cutting edge, consistent and clever
  • 01

    Cutting edge - We develop cutting-edge IT solutions with innovative features. We strive to offer products that combine the most modern technologies.

  • 02

    Consistent - We are consistent in what we do and achieve our goals. We never stop learning and improving our knowledge and expertise.

  • 03

    Clever - We always try to make clever choices. We take all the decisions based on the fullest amount of information we can find and all the factors that we can take into consideration.

We are also competent and committed
  • 04

    Competent - We make sure we are fully competent in what we do. It all starts with hiring the right people and developing their talents further. A team of competent professionals is what makes us competent on the company level.

  • 05

    Committed - We are committed to the company and its success. We act in the best interest of the company as if it was our own business.

We create, cooperate and care
  • 06

    Create - We create smart solutions for a better life on everyday basis.

  • 07

    Cooperate - We always value cooperation, both within and between teams and with our external partners. Cooperation is what makes us strong as a company. We believe a team can achieve far more than an individual.

  • 08

    Care - We care about each other in our professional family. And our employees care about company’s products and users.

We believe in change and can-do attitude
  • 09

    Change - We realize that we live in a changing world and we create products that facilitate changes and make them happen today.

  • 10

    Can-do - We demonstrate the can-do attitude and get things done.

Tencoins office is located in Malta. It’s a small Mediterranean island, just 80km away from Italy. Formerly a British colony, Malta is now part of the Eurozone. Malta ranks highly on the scale set out by the World Economic Forum, which takes into account factors such as employment, healthcare and education.

Malta has recently introduced a new framework which ensures that the market has legal regulations enabling businesses in the sector to flourish responsibly.

Malta offers high life standard, dynamic business and cultural environment and comfortable mild climate throughout the year. Besides, English is one of the country’s state languages, which attracts people from all over the world thus creating a truly unique international environment.

We strongly believe that company can become successful only through its people. At Tencoins employees are the key value and always strive to find and retain top talented people.

Business team
About the position

Posting date: 23.08.2019

We are Tencoins. And we believe in Freedom. We live in the era of new technologies that make this freedom possible. Our mission is to develop IT solutions for free & easy finance. Because we believe that the world deserves financial services that are instant, secure and without boarders.

TC Culture
Our culture is very simple - create something awesome here and now. Our team works to develop the best IT solutions for Fintech market and that is what we love. We think about our users and how we can improve their lives with our products. We are together on an interesting journey, that has its ups and downs, but it’s never boring.

We are Tencoins. Our team works to develop the best IT solutions for the Fin-tech market and that is what we love. We create something awesome here and right now -

We hire people who see the world in questions and possibilities and enjoy working collaboratively in a start-up with a small team. As an expert in your field, we expect that you’ll proactively contribute thoughts and ideas in our success!

What we need
  •   Develop screens layout considering guides, icons, colours, typography and motion.
  • Produce along with the whole gamut of UI/UX: user journeys, interaction flows, wireframes, prototypes, pixel-perfect comps etc.
  • Pain point discovery; collaborate with UX research to ideate, research and test your designs.
  • Perform every day a contextual adjustment and small new developments
  • Produce good visual graphics for several artworks such as Newsletters and banners. 
  • Transform complicated processes and concepts into simple, intuitive user flows and interfaces
  • Perform user research with deep understands the customer profile, needs, demands. (surveys, in-depth interview, focus group)
  • Analyze current product performance and  pinpoint the issues for future development (user testing, Hotjar…)
  • Provide insights and feedback using your experience to improve quality and experience to continually reduce the complexity of our platform
  • Constantly think of features & designs that better the lives of our users.
About you
  • 3+ years of UX design with solid experience in mobile applications (iOS and Android) and web-based products.
  • Experienced in tools Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD or Sketch or Figma, etc.
  • Strategic thinking, presentation and decision making skills.
  • Working knowledge of UX research practices and user research tools (Hotjar, etc.)
  • Graphic design skills to create awesome promotion banners.
  • Associate’s degree required, bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • An online portfolio demonstrating your best work ( send the link)
What you’ll get

Work remotely

The best of both worlds: start-up-like working models and the full breath of expertise from a global corporation

Creative space for quick ramp-up and fast-paced start of new projects

Breeding ground for your work-life-balance: strong team culture, open feedback, flexible working hours and options for experiments at home

apply for this job

We believe that the key to success is being yourself as it is what makes you unique. Of course, we also value professionalism and sincerity from your side.

The selections process consists of several steps
  • 1

    Apply for the job by sending us your CV and cover letter

  • 2

    We will invite successful candidates for the next round, which may include interviews with potential line manager and/all cross-team interviews.

  • 3

    If your initial interview is successful, we will invite you for the second interview with your potencial line manager

  • 4

    For some vacancies we may also ask you to complete a certain assignment as part of the selection process